9 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching and you do not have any gift ideas yet? Discover in this article 9 gift ideas from the drawing of his child to offer to moms.

Gifts from your child’s drawing

The overflowing imagination of children is expressed in many different ways, especially in their drawings. From tadpoles to animals to little hearts and abstract designs, your children’s drawings become sources of original creations: decorative objects, 3D printing, clothing, jewelery, works of art …

Discover below 9 ideas of creations or transformations of the drawing of his child which are as many gift ideas to offer to the mothers.

1.The custom mug
Le petit monde de Camille proposes to personalize mugs from children’s drawings.

2.Custom tray
Scribble magic is a Swiss company that customizes various objects including trays from children’s drawings.

3.The laptop shell
Finally, you can offer a custom laptop shell by Madame pop and kids.

cadeau dessin enfant
child's drawing

4. The fluff
Plush is a gift idea for both children and parents. The company Budsies makes soft toys from children’s drawings.

5. The dress
For moms who like original outfits, it is possible to have her dress made from her child’s drawing byDessine ton vêtement.

6. The necklace
Kids’Art bijoux is a French company that makes jewelry by hand from children’s drawings.

7.The 3D Object
Crayon creatures is specialized in making 3D objects from children’s drawings.

8.The tattoo
For moms who love tattoos, it is also possible to tattoo their child’s drawing. Here is des tattoos examples from children’s drawings.

9.The artwork
Some artists transform children’s drawings into real works of art, such as the artist Dave Devries with The Monster Engine.


Source image 1 et 3 : pixabay

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