Kids’Art jewelry: what is it?

A designer jewel …

Kids’Art jewelry is above all designer jewelery. They are manufactured byMiss M. who is artisan-jeweler since 2016.

She makes jewelery by hand in her workshop in France. Each jewel is a unique piece.

…drawn by your child!

Unlike the custom made jewel or collections offered by Miss M., it is the children themselves who draw the jewels Kids’art. Miss M. then relies on the original drawing to design the future jewel.

In this process, she captures a detail, one or more elements that she will highlight to sublimate the drawing of the child.

As a result of this 4-handed work, a designer jewel will please moms, dads, grandparents and the children themselves.

What are the jewels proposed?

collier bronze

Jewelry made from your child’s drawing

The jeweler makes the following jewels from the drawings you send her:
Key rings
Lapel pin
– Brooches
– Tie clap

It is you who choose the desired jewel, metal and size when you place your order.

Kids’ Art Collections

These jewels are made in small series from child’s drawings for which the parents consented to the reproductions.
These jewels are ready to be shipped or are manufactured within 7 days.

Although it is jewelry reproduced in small series, every jewel remains a unique piece because of its manual manufacture.
These jewels will please both young and old because of their originality and their quirky side.

Handmade silver bracelet

To go further:

Children’s creativity combined with the expertise of Miss M. offers a wide range of jewelry and other accessories.

These possibilities go beyond the jewelry currently offered for purchase and it is possible at any time to ask Miss M. to discuss about it.

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