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As soon as they are old enough to hold a pencil, children multiply their works of art for your attention. From the “potato man” with rake fingers to representations of creatures that populate their imagination, to family portraits, your kids’ drawings represent that part of their personality that combines creativity and imagination.

And this creativity doesn’t stop at the sheet of paper… you can sublimate it by transforming it into a piece of jewelry thanks to the Kids’ Art Jewellery, which will allow you to make the most beautiful of personalized gifts! And with the Christmas holidays approaching, it’s an original idea to put on your list!

The imagination of the children at the origin of the most beautiful creations

Your children’s drawings may be overflowing, but they are an inexhaustible source of gift ideas to personalize, so don’t throw them all away! And discover how their creativity can open the doors to a world of declaration, special attention, complicity and originality when you let your imagination speak too…

Beyond the simple drawing

Whether it’s hanging on the fridge door, neatly folded in your memory box, used as a bookmark… There may be one of your child’s drawings that stands out from the rest and accompanies you every day.

Representing much more than a few strokes of color, you keep it preciously because it brings you back to a given period, because it represents his very first abstract creation or his last most successful achievement; because it is a little piece of his childhood as he grows up, a little doodle of love to keep, a means of communication with the adult world, a little cocoon of imagination

So, this drawing? How to keep it, sublimate it and offer it all the light it deserves? Here are some ideas…

A drawing in all forms

As soon as you have chosen the design and you linger a little on the web to find the original idea that will make the difference, you will come across a thousand and one sites with more or less qualitative and special proposals… The choice is vast!

So, to make it easier for you, Kids’ Arts Bijoux offers you a small selection of original objects to personalize with your child’s drawing, whether it is for a birthday, just like that, or for the end of year celebrations that are coming up…

  • The classics: like the keychain, the mug or the mouse pad… at Scribble Magic Lab, you will find a selection of products to showcase your children’s work. You can even think outside the box by choosing to personalize coasters, puzzles and even vases!
  • Cuddly toys: handmade, find the cuddly toys from EyeCandy, which faithfully reproduces the drawing of your child.
  • Clothes: if you have a future designer in your children, don’t look any further and download the templates proposed by the website Pictures This Clothing. T-shirts or dresses, get started and create original clothes!
  • A comforter or a pillow: a drawing so cute that you want to cuddle it? It’s done! Or almost… Go quickly to the wonderful Atelier Zut France which will give life, in the form of a cushion or a blanket, to this so adorable being, straight out of the imagination of your child.
  • Tea towels: for the chef of the house and her assistant, for Wednesday afternoons baking at grandma’s and grandpa’s… here are the tea towels and aprons from Little Letters by Tanja

And last but not least:

  • Jewelry: with Kids’ Art Bijoux, wear your child’s creations every day (necklace, earrings, bracelets, tie clips…). Made in France and handcrafted, Kids’ Art Bijoux will sublimate your children’s drawings by creating custom jewelry from them.

Kids’ Art Bijoux or how to give life to your children’s drawings for Christmas

We don’t teach you anything, every year, as soon as All Saints’ Day is over, you have to anticipate Christmas shopping. To families who leave no room for doubt by setting up shared lists from the beginning where each one picks for the other, there are those who wish to be carried away by the “magic of Christmas” and the “surprise”, and for whom – sometimes – finding a personal and original gift proves to be more difficult than expected…

To avoid an additional mental burden, let Kids’ Art Bijoux take over and make THE gift that will stand out from the rest, the one that shows all the attention and affection you have for the person you are offering it to, the one that is directly inspired by the last strokes of a child’s pencil on a sheet of paper…

When pencil lines become jewelry

Once the drawing is selected, it is time to choose the form in which it will be transformed into a jewel…

At Kids’ Art Bijoux, all our jewelry pieces are handmade. All the manufacturing steps go through our workshop, from the melting of the metal, through its cutting, the engraving of the jewel, its polishing… and finally its sending to your home!

The mastery of the manufacturing and creation process allows us to better advise you and to propose several variations according to the type of jewel selected, the style of chain or the shaping of the design…

First of all, let’s start with the representation of your child’s drawing

Whatever the drawing you choose, you can choose to shape it with the medallion engraving technique (the drawing is engraved by hand on a round or rectangular medallion…) or by choosing the cropped jewelry option, which faithfully reproduces the contours of the drawing and really gives it…shape!

Then if, among all the possible jewelry options, your choice is for a necklace or a bracelet, several types of chains, of different lengths, will be available:

  • The figaro chain, composed of single, oval and flattened links that follow one another by alternating three small links between each large elongated link.
  • The convict chain, inspired by the chains with which convicts were tied, but which is nevertheless a classic in jewelry with its rounded or square links.
  • The serpentine chain, flat or round, owes its name to its resemblance to the scaly skin of a snake.
  • The gourmette chain, this popular and characteristic mesh is composed of slightly flattened and interlocking rings.
    The cord, made of cotton or synthetic material and black color.

And if you have a project different from those proposed in the window on our site, do not hesitate to contact us directly!

Finally, once your choice is made, the making of your custom jewelry is launched and becomes a teamwork between your child and the creator of Kids’ Art Bijou … waiting to receive it under the tree!

Kids’ Art Bijoux, yes…but for whom? 

Whoever you want! Yes, it’s as simple as that because, at Kids’ Art Bijoux, we have decided to use your children’s drawings on various supports and in various styles, in order to please as many people as possible!

So, whether it’s a bracelet, a necklace, earrings… or even a pin, a tie clip or even a key ring, all you have to do is let your desires speak to find THE perfect gift for all family members, friends, nannies, godparents, families at heart… and all those who will be touched by a gift straight from their child’s imagination… and from our workshop!

Examples of Kids’ Art jewelry creations