[CUSTOM-MADE] Bronze key ring from your child’s drawing


  • 100% personalized jewelry from your child’s drawing
  • Bronze key ring
  • Custom-made key ring -> choose your options
  • Manufacturing time: 15 days


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The key ring

Key ring in bronze from your child’s drawing.

This jewel is an original and unique gift idea that will appeal to moms, dads and grandparents alike.

Custom-made manufacturing

This jewel is a jewel made to measure, you choose:

  • The size of the key ring
  • To make an engraving on the back of the key holder

The bronze key rings are assembled with a ring and a chain of rhodium-plated metal (of silver color).

Bronze keychains cost between 85 € and 97 € depending on the options chosen.

You want a different variation? Contact me at contact@kidsart-bijoux.com

The metals used

Bronze is a noble, non-allergenic metal. It consists of 90% copper and 10% tin.

Rhoding (for the key chain ring and chain) is a coating on a metal surface from rhodium which is a noble metal and resistant to oxidation.


Handmade jewelry

All the jewels are handmade in France. Key rings may have slight differences from the original drawing. Depending on the detail level of the drawing, some details may be changed.

You will be notified of any changes upstream.

Most of the jewelry pictures are pictures of old achievements that are not for sale.

Accepted methods of payment are:

Payements sécurisés

The manufacturing delays are 15 days. To this must be added the delivery delays which are 2 to 10 days depending on the country.
All jewelery and other accessories are packaged in small black boxes. Then, they are shipped by Canada Post in standard parcels or international delivery.

Prices and delivery delays *
Geographic area Delays Prices in euros Prices in canadian dollars
Quebec, Canada From 2 to 4 days 9€ 13$
Canada (except Quebec) From 4 to 7 days 11€ 16$
USA From 5 to 8 days 8€ 12$
France From 6 to 10 days 8€ 12$
Other countries From 6 to 10 days 10€ 15$


*Prices and estimated delays updated to November 13, 2019. To know the actual rates, fill your address in your cart.


For bronze jewelry

Bronze being a cuprous metal, it oxidizes. Since oxidation is a natural phenomenon, it is inevitable.

To protect your jewelry from oxidation:

Remember to remove your bronze jewelry before having a shower, playing sports or doing the dishes.
When you do not wear your jewel, consider putting it away in its small box.

If your jewel oxidizes, you can clean it with clay stone or beeswax.

For a cleaning with clay stone:

  • Put some product on your sponge
  • Rub your jewel and it will regain its brilliance!

For cleaning with beeswax:

  • Put some wax on a soft cloth
  • Rub energetically your jewel with. If your cloth becomes black, it’s a good sign.
  • Your jewel will regain its brilliance and the thin layer of wax will protect it.

How to reproduce two or more drawings?

Just add the same number of products to your basket as the number of designs you want to make into jewelry.

For an identical product, add it to the basket as many times as you have drawings to make reproduce jewelry.

How do I do if I want to reproduce two or more drawings for the same jewel?