Juliette la pipelette – Children silver necklace


  • Juliette le pipelette necklace
  • Children sterling silver necklace
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Ready to ship in 7 days


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The necklace

“Juliette la pipelette” is a necklace handmade in 925 silver from a child’s drawing.

This necklace belongs to a collection of jewelry made from children’s drawings.

Juliette’s size: 2.4 x 1.8 cm / 1 x 0.7 inches.

For this pendant, you can choose: a silver chain or a cotton cord.

It is possible to engrave a name, a date or a word to the back of the pendant.

This pendant can be worn by men, women and even kids.


Handmade jewelry

Each jewel is handmade.

Due to an exclusively artisanal manufacturing, the delivery time of the jewels is 7 days.


The metal

Silver 925 is a precious and allergen free metal.

Accepted methods of payment are:

Payements sécurisés

The manufacturing delays are 7 days. To this must be added the delivery delays which are 2 to 10 days depending on the country.

All jewelry and other accessories are packaged in small black boxes. Then, they are shipped by Canada Post in standard parcels or international delivery.

Prices and delivery delays
Geographic area Delays Prices in euros Prices in canadian dollars
Quebec, Canada From 2 to 4 days 9€ 13$
Canada (except Quebec) From 4 to 7 days 11€ 16$
USA From 5 to 8 days 8€ 12$
France From 6 to 10 days 8€ 12$
Other countries From 6 to 10 days 10€ 15$


For silver jewelry

In general, there is no particular maintenance.

It may still be that silver jewelry blackens slightly over time.

If this happens, you can clean them with:

  • Clay stone or silver (available in organic stores and some supermarkets).
  • The cleaning cloth on sale on the Kids’Art Bijoux e-shop.