Kid’s Art Pendant


  • 100% personalized jewelry from your child’s drawing
  • Handmade in 925 silver or bronze
  • Choker of 17-18 inches
  • Manufacturing delays: 15 days




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Special requests

Do you have a jewelry project that is not offered in the shop?


Silver or bronze handmade pendants.

  • Bronze pendants are assembled with a 14carat gold filled chain of 17-18 inches.
  • Silver bracelet are assembled with a 925 silver chain of 17-18 inches.

Bronze pendants are signed and silver pendants are stamped from my manufacturer marker.


The materials used

Bronze is noble metal composed of 90% copper and 10% tin.

Silver 925 is a precious metal composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

The 14carats gold filled is a gold finish on a brass base, more resistant than a classic gold plated because of the total amount of gold that is 1/5 of the chain.


Handmade jewelry

All jewelry is handmade. Pendants may have slight differences from the original drawing. Depending on the detail level of the design and the size of the desired pendant, some details may be changed.

You will be notified of any changes before I start the manufacture of the pendant.

I accept the following payment methods:

Manufacturing lead time is 2 weeks.

To this must be added the delivery time:
2-3 days for FRANCE.
5-8 days for others countries.

All jewelry and other accessories are packed in small black box.

They are delivered in colissimo by the post office.

For silver jewelry

In general, there is no particular maintenance.

It is possible that the silver jewels blacken on contact with certain skins. If this is your case, you can clean your jewel with clay stone or silver stone:

  • Put some product on your sponge
  • Rub your jewel and it will regain its brilliance!


For bronze jewelry

Bronze being a cuprous metal, it oxidizes. As oxidation is a natural phenomenon, it is inevitable.

To protect your jewelry from oxidation:

  • Remember to remove your bronze jewelry before taking a shower, playing sports or doing the dishes.
  • When you do not wear your jewel, consider putting it in its small box.

If your jewel oxidizes, you can clean it with clay stone or beeswax.

For a clay stone cleaning:

  • Put some product on your sponge
  • Rub your jewel and it will regain its brilliance!

For a beeswax cleaning:

  • Put a little wax on a soft cloth
  • Rub energetically your jewel with. If your cloth becomes black, it’s a good sign.
  • Your jewel will regain its brilliance and the thin layer of wax will protect it.

How to reproduce two or more drawings?

Just add the same number of products to your bag as the number of designs you want to make into jewelry.

For an identical product, add it to the bag as many times as you have drawings to make reproduce into jewelry.


How do I do if I want to reproduce two or more drawings for the same jewel?

For jewelry projects not available in the online store, you can contact me.


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