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About us

Who's behind the Kids' Art jewelry?

Since 2016, Marlène Lyotard imagines, designs and manufactures bronze and 925 silver jewelry.

This self-taught jeweler begins by designing her own creations before turning to the manufacture of custom jewelry.

While one day, she is proposed the manufacture of a custom piece of jewel from a child drawing, she accepts the challenge. Throughout the manufacturing process -from the study of the drawing, to the finishes through the firing stage- the final result is a real surprise!

She begins to reproduce other children’s drawings and the results of the jewelry always surprise her as much. In addition to being beautiful, according to the child’s drawing, the jewelry can be funny, wacky, design… In any case, it is original and it gives off an innocence and naivety that only children know how to create.

From then on, Marlène Lyotard decided to dedicate a part of her jeweler’s activity to jewelry made from children’s drawings and from there came the Kids’Art jewelry.

Miss M. Kids' Art Bijoux

Marlène Lyotard reinvents your child's drawing

Bijou en argent réalisé sur-mesure à partir d'un dessin d'enfant, by Miss M.

Kids’ Art: jewelry with 4 hands …

Making Kids’ Art jewelry is a real teamwork.
In this team there is the child, the designer of the future piece of jewel and Marlène Lyotard, the artisan-jeweler who with her artistic eye brings an added value to the drawing of the child.
Marlène Lyotard has the will to respecting as much as possible the drawing of the child while highlighting a line, a detail, a part of the drawing to beautify it.

… to wear everyday the love of your child

At work, at the restaurant, on holidays, your child’s drawing never leaves you. You can appreciate it around your neck, your wrist, at your ears…

Handmade jewelry, 100% personalized

By choosing to make her jewelry by hand, Marlène Lyotard controls the manufacturing process from A to Z. This allows her to adjust the size, assemble one or more drawings into a piece of jewelry, add or remove a detail according to your desires and your tastes. In addition, for any question, Marlène Lyotard is your only interlocutor during the entire manufacturing process.

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