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Kids’ Art Jewelry Gift Card


The Kids’ Art Bijoux gift card


You have found the perfect gift, but you don’t have the design to be reproduced in jewelry?
The gift card allows you to offer a gift adapted to your budget and that will please your spouse / mother / child / friend

How does the gift card work?

  • Choose an amount and order normally (if you want a different amount than the ones proposed, contact us at
  • Find out the email of the lucky recipient who immediately receives their gift card.
  • The card is valid for a period of one year
  • The amount credited on the card can be spent in one or more times.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

How the Kids’ Art gift card works

1. Choose an amount and order normally

We can edit an amount different from those proposed. For this, we invite you to contact us at As soon as possible, we will be able to offer you the amount that suits you.

2. Enter the email address of the lucky recipient who will immediately receive the gift card.
If you prefer to receive the email in order to print the gift card, you can fill in your email. We can also send a paper gift card if you wish.

3. The card is valid for one year

4. The amount can be spent in one or more times.


The following payment methods are accepted:

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