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Frequently asked questions

How to order my Kids’ Art jewelry?

  • From the online store, go to the product page corresponding to the jewel you want.
  • For each product listing, you have one or severals option(s). You must make a choice for each option. The price of the jewel is automatically recalculated according to the chosen options.
  • Once the jewel has been chosen, all you have to do is send the drawing you wish to turn into a jewel.
  • Once the drawing is inserted, you can add the jewel to the cart to finalize your order.

Note: you can not buy the jewel if no drawing is added.

Before adding your product to the cart, you have the possibility, if you wish to leave me a note or a message concerning your order.


I can not add my jewelry to the cart, how shall I do it?

Check that you have downloaded your drawing. You can not add product(s) to cart if no drawing is downloaded.


What are the payment methods accepted?

You can pay your order by credit card, paypal or bank transfer. All payment methods are secure. You have more information here.


What is the lead time of my jewel?

The lead time of a Kids’ Art jewel can be up to 15 days maximum.

Add to that the shipping time which is 2 to 3 days for France and 3 to 10 days for the rest of the world.


The terms of delivery:

I deliver kids’ Art jewelry all over the world.
Here is a table summarizing the costs and delivery times.

Prices and delivery time
Geographic location Delivery time Prices in euros (€)
France From 2 to 3 days 5€
Europe From 3 to 7 days 9€
Others countries From 4 to 10 days 9€


Can I exchange my jewel?

The kids’ Art jewelry being made-to-measure jewels and personalized according to the drawings of your children, no exchange will be made.

However, it is quite possible to exchange:

  • Jewelries from the collections (because these jewelry are not custom-made jewelry)
  • Chains in 14k gold filled or 925 silver
  • Cotton cords
  • Findings (clasps, earrings findings)

Exchanges are free for 30 days after the delivery date of the jewelery.


Am I refund If I change my mind?

The Kids’ Art jewelry being made-to-measure and personalized jewelery according to the drawings of your children, no refund will be made.

However, the refund of your order is possible in case where following the payment of your order, I come to inform you of changes (deletion, enlargement or narrowing of features) to bring compared to the drawing and that you would not validate.

What drawings can I send?

I make jewelry exclusively from children’s drawings.
You can send me a copy, scan or photograph of your child’s drawing.

Please check that the quality of the drawing is good enough and that each line is distinct.
I can be brought, if the drawing quality is not good enough, to ask you a drawing of better quality.


Can I send a photograph of my child or my pets?

No, I do not make jewelry from pictures, only from drawings.


What sizes and types of files are allowed?

You can send files in the following formats: jpeg, pdf or png.
You can send files up to 20 MB.

Is it possible to engrave my child name and/or a date behind the jewelry?

Yes, if you want an engraving on the back of the jewel, click on the option when placing your order and note the engraving you want in the box provided for this purpose.

If it is impossible to perform the engraving (because of too long engraving compared to the size or shape of the jewel for example), you will be notified upstream.

Adding an engraving is a paid option.


I’ve forgotten to click on the engraving option when I placed my order, is it possible to add it?

It depends on where I am in the manufacturing of the jewel.
If I can add it, I will do it with pleasure.
If this is not possible, you will be notified.

In case of omission during your order, send me a message as soon as possible.

The addition of an engraving being a paid service, an additional cost will be asked for any addition of engraving after a set order.

How to do to make realized a jewel or an object that is not offered in the online store?

I propose a limited number of products that are part of my Kids’ Art jewelry offer. If you have an idea of jewels or decorative objects that are not part of my offer and you want me to realize, you can ask me from this from.

Please indicate as much detail as possible and download your drawing in order to give you a complete quote.

After accepting the quote, I give you the procedure to complete the order via the online store.


Can I send two or more drawings for a same piece of jewelry?

You can not send two or more designs for one and the same product. Depending on your project, you can:

  • Order two or more jewels if you want as much jewelry as you have drawings to reproduce.
  • Contact me from this form for one and the same jewel from two or more drawings.

As for special requests, I propose you a quote and a proposal of jewel and after validation of the quote, I give you the procedure to complete the order via the online store.

Is it possible to get different earring findings?

The earrings are by default mounted on stud earrings (buckles with a secure closure system) but if you prefer other supports for your earrings, you can exchange stud earrings against:

  • Earring hooks
  • Ear stems (only for silver earrings)

You can make me your request when placing your order.


Is it possible to exchange chains and cords?

Yes, you can apply for an exchange of chains or cords up to 30 days after the delivery date of your jewel.
After this time, if you want a new chain or a new cord, this service is not free.


How to do to exchange my chain or my cord?

For any exchange of chains or cords, please contact me via this contact form in order to inform me about your exchange request.

By email I inform you if the exchange is free of charge or not and if the exchange has a cost, I give you the chains and cords prices.

Then, you have to send me your jewelry by followed letter.

  • Put the jewelry inside its small box in order to protect it during the delivery.
  • Send the jewelry by followed letter

Do Kids’ Art jewelry contain allergens?

No, Kids’ Art jewelry is guaranteed nickel, lead and cadmium free, these metals being the main causes of jewelry allergies.


Can I be allergic to Kids’ Art jewelry?

No. Except if you are allergic to the following materials: silver, gold or cotton.

Although silver jewelry is known not to fade over time, your jewelry may require maintenance to keep its shine.

Also, we advise you to :

  • Keep your jewelry away from light and humidity in your small box.
  • Do not leave your jewelry in contact with chlorine (remove your jewelry to go to the pool or to clean).
  • If necessary, clean your jewelry with silver stone (sold in supermarkets) or the sunshine polishing clothe.

Are Kids’ Art jewels guaranteed?

Yes, for a period of 2 years.

In case of manufacturing defects or defects in materials or findings, I offer a free repair service for 2 years from the date of purchase.

The guarantee does not work when the deterioration of the jewel results from a misuse of the jewel or an attempt to modify or repair it.


What is the service offered when my jewel is no longer under warranty?

After this date, in case of deterioration of your jewel, I propose a paid repair service.

Please note that the repair service is exclusively dedicated to Kids’ Art jewelery or Atelier Marlène Lyotard


What is the service offered for the maintenance of my jewel?

You do not have time to maintain your jewel or you can not clean it as you wish?

You can send me your jewel for its maintenance.