Handmade jewelry

Soudure au chalumeau

From the beginning, Miss M. chooses to make Kids’ Art jewelry exclusively by hand. She chooses to create them from the sintering technique using metallic clay. This technique, which was created by the Japanese in the 90’s, is now used all over the world.

The jewelry is made in different stages: modeling, filing, firing in two stages, peach-finishing, polishing, assembly…
Miss M. controls the stages of manufacture from A to Z.

To make the Kids’ Art jewelry, she uses bronze which is a noble metal, composed by 90% copper and 10% tin; and 925 silver, which is a precious metal.

In an ecofriendly approach

Miss M. rigorously chooses her raw materials and her suppliers in order to work from quality materials, if possible local and/or ecofriendly.

In order to reduce its environmental impact, she privileges short circuits and/or recycled materials. Thus, the raw materials come mainly from France or Europeean Union.

Lacets en liège

Authenticated jewelry

Poinçon de fabricant

All Kids’ Art jewelery is authenticated.

Silver 925 jewelery is hallmarked by the manufacturer hallmark in accordance with the legislation in force about precious metals.

The bronze jewelry is not hallmarked, it is signed by the “M.” of Miss M. to guarantee their authenticity.