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You liked the idea of using Kid’s Art Bijoux’s workshop to transform your child’s drawing into a silver jewel, but a little indecision persists? Which jewel? Which drawing? How to choose ? Look no further! We will help you to orient your decision in the best direction in order to realize your wish of creating a custom-made jewel, either for you or to offer!

the universes in our children’s drawings

But first, what is drawing? For the basic definition, it is the art of representing (more or less faithfully) objects, worlds, characters, etc., through writing and graphic means (such as pencils, pen, paint, etc.).

From simple doodles to the most organized lines, drawing is one of the activities favored by children. This allows them to develop their sensitivity, their perception of what surrounds them, their imagination

This is how their creations will be inscribed in the different phases of their lives: from the first drawing brought back from kindergarten filled with pride to the multiple attempts to write his first name, from this fascination for the prehistoric period to the first offbeat realization, from the very first family portrait to the universe created from scratch…

The drawings are thus the witnesses of what our children live, love and “digest”. They can be harmless or have hidden messages. Often, they hang in their curves the last memory of an event, the first substitutes for words to comfort, express a feeling, make a declaration of love or friendship…

All this probably explains why it is sometimes so difficult to choose which ones to keep! And even more which one to choose to transform it into a unique and timeless jewel.

choosing the right design to turn into a piece of jewelry: such a difficult choice?

For some of you, the choice will be obvious because you will have fallen in love with one of your child’s creations. For the others, those who are still hesitating… What to do when faced with so much meaning, intention and originality? How to be sure to choose the right drawing to transform into a jewel, without regretting either its meaning or the final result? Here are some tips to help you make your choice as objectively as possible…

Type of drawing

If you have no favorite, or if you have a different favorite with each design you review, Kid’s Art Bijoux may have a little tip for you. Namely: make your choice by favoring the type of drawing, based on the primary subject of what is represented there and which joins the themes of those who are most often transformed into silver jewelry by our workshop :

  • The little man: because of the simplicity of the line or even its abstract side, the little man potato or sticks, in solo, makes particularly well in jewelry, whether in outline or in engraving. The potato man, the traditional first achievement of children, marks this stage in their development when scribbles give way to drawings that are more representative of the reality of what surrounds them.
  • Animals and other small creatures: the animal world is full of friends with zero, two, four or more legs, which children enjoy representing. Among the models favored by children, we count for example the representations of the family pet to the animals crossed in walk or those discovered in the course of a reading.
  • The little scribbles: because it is the very first of the last little one, because in the middle of this mass of lines you discern a captivating form… these first little scribbles will pay homage to the artist soul of your child in the jewels engravings.
  • Compositions with several hands: for some parents, the project of creating a custom-made jewel from their child’s drawing is an opportunity to propose to the children to draw a picture together. Thus, each child of the siblings will bring his contribution to the drawing and thus to the future jewel.

Examples of jewelry from different drawings.

If animals, small characters and other doodles are the drawings that Kid’s Art Jewelry most often transforms into jewelry, the field of possibilities does not stop there and can extend to the liking of the imagination of your child! So, whether it is a fairy, a princess, an imaginary animal or a sun with glasses, the only obstacle to your desires will be the complexity of representation in jewelry.

The level of complexity and detail of the drawing

If the theme of the drawing is a factor in your decision, its level of complexity is also a consideration when making your choice.

Indeed, a simple drawing, with precise, clear and spaced lines will be more easily transformed into a delicate and detailed jewel, without great constraint of size and this, whatever the technique of manufacture of jewel used.

On the other hand, for a composition of drawings with more than one character, there will be the question of the size of the jewel and the richness of the details so that it is not too busy. But, it is quite possible to realize jewels of compositions, with a farandole of small men or animals!

Still hesitating? If even after these tips, the choice remains difficult, why not take the question in reverse and choose the style of jewelry first to make your design choice accordingly?

choose the jewel to better choose the design: the practical tip

If you already have a clear idea of the jewelry you want, then the question arises: will my drawing look better if I choose a necklace, bracelet or earrings?

In order to know this and to ensure (or change) your choice accordingly, a few criteria come into play:

  • The style of jewelry (necklace, earrings, etc.);
  • The style of representation of the drawing (the engraving or the clipped jewel).

The style of custom-made jewelry

Here, let’s simplify the subject a bit and talk about support. In order to choose the right piece of jewelry for your child’s design, we will need to look at its shape to make sure it fits the specifications of the custom jewelry.

Thus, for a pendant, it is better to choose a drawing that is higher than it is wide in order to keep the nature of the jewel intact. Keep in mind that your child’s drawing thus transformed into a jewel will be attached to a chain or a cord by a small ring or a clasp. It is the idea of movement, impelled by the fact of “hanging”, that sublimates the final rendering of a pendant.

For a bracelet, turn to a drawing as wide as high or all in length, so that it follows the curve of the wrist, without exceeding the limits of the member while leaving room for the chain holding the clasp, making the whole harmonious and airy.

For earrings, choose small drawings that will remain legible and detailed, without being distorted, even if the size is reduced to fit the jewel. Made to measure, it will harmoniously match your ears and your face.

For necklaces, the choice will be easier because, overall, all styles of drawings will fit. Taking into account of course what was mentioned earlier, that the more the design will be loaded with characters and details, the more the necklace will be too and that will have an impact on its size.

The style of representation of the drawing

Finally, once the choice of the support is made, let us linger on the style of representation of the drawing, i.e. the technique used to represent the drawing of your child on the jewel which you chose. At Kid’s Art Bijoux, we use two techniques for these creations on silver 925: the detoured or the engraving.

Whether you choose a cut-out or an engraved jewel, all types of designs will be suitable.

If some outlines of drawings are for example missing, Kids’ Art Bijoux will make the necessary additions for the good harmonization and solidity of the future jewel. Also, if some lines are too thin, they will be thickened always in the optics to make an aesthetic and quality jewel.

Only unclear and unreadable drawings would be problematic.

Examples of detoured jewelry

Examples of engraved jewelry

Whatever your choice, your tip for deciding which of your child’s drawings will become a beautiful custom jewelry, your indecision on the type of jewelry or design, Kid’s Art Bijoux by Atelier Marlène Lyotard is at your side to advise you and accompany you in your personalized jewelry project!